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Title: Possibility of Application of Japanese Lesson Study to English Language Teaching in Benin
Other Titles: 日本の授業研究のベナンの英語教育への応用可能性
Authors: HOUESSOU, G. M. John Israel
Abstract: This study intends to find out whether Lesson Study has an impact on English teaching as a foreign language in Benin’s educational system. Actually, English teachers in Benin are looking for suitable ways to improve their teaching abilities and, by doing so, to increase their learners’ proficiency of English. Taking into account the diffuse of Lesson Study in many countries over the world, this research examined the current English language teaching situation in Benin and how Lesson Study can be successfully adapted to Benin’s educational environment, and to do so, the authors analyzed the data collected by a survey targeting junior high school English teachers in Benin and compared it with the data gained from previous similar studies carried out on the impact of Lesson Study on English teaching in Japan. The results show that some EFL teachers in Benin do not have any professional training before starting the job and the use of Lesson Study will certainly help them be more efficient in doing their jobs and make their learners become more proficient than they are now. Furthermore, based on the results of the current research, it can be suggested that Benin’s government should organise training programs with Lesson Study for English teachers in Benin in possible collaboration with Japanese International Cooperation Agency.
ISSN: 13442562
NCID: AA11272030
Shimei: 北海道教育大学紀要. 人文科学・社会科学編
Volume: 70
Issue: 2
Publisher: 北海道教育大学
Issue Date: Feb-2020
URI: http://s-ir.sap.hokkyodai.ac.jp/dspace/handle/123456789/11261
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