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Title: 幼児の投能力と「ボール遊びカード」の取り組み状況の関係
Other Titles: Dose a Collectible-Cards Schemed to Promote Preschoolers to Play with Balls Improve Their Throw Ability?
Authors: 板谷, 厚
佐々木, 桃子
銭谷, 奈央子
能代, 時矢
Abstract: This study examined whether a collectible-cards schemed to promote young children to play with balls could improve their throw ability. Thirty-one preschoolers belonging to a nursery school participated in this study. We developed a collectible card series containing thirty-three cards illustrating how to play with balls. We gave the cards to participants during the free time (with no PE teacher) in the nursery school for three months as an intervention. Before and after the intervention period, we measured participants’ long throw distance and examined their throw movements’ developmental stage at the measurement with an observational evaluation method. Also, we counted the number of cards collected by each participant during the intervention period. We conducted linear mixed models (LMMs) to explore the effects of class (4-yr-old and 5-yr-old class) and measurement (pre and post-intervention) on the throw distance and the developmental score. Besides, we calculated increases in throw distance and developmental scores during the intervention period for each participant. Then we computed Spearman’s correlation coefficients between the number of cards and the rises in throw distance and developmental score for each class. Our LMMs showed a significant positive effect of measurement on throw distance but not on the developmental score. We found no significant positive correlation coefficient with the number of cards. These results suggest that the collectible card series we developed has little effect on improving preschoolers’ throw ability.
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Shimei: 北海道教育大学紀要. 教育科学編
Volume: 71
Issue: 2
Publisher: 北海道教育大学
Issue Date: Feb-2021
URI: http://s-ir.sap.hokkyodai.ac.jp/dspace/handle/123456789/11702
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