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2001キイロショウジョウバエ成虫の感覚器形成機構木村, 賢一
10-Nov-2005Fruitless specifies sexually dimorphic neural circuitry in the Drosophila brainKIMURA, Ken-ichi; OTE, Manabu; TAZAWA, Tatsunori; YAMAMOTO, Daisuke; 木村, 賢一
1997Can a Gravitational Wave and a Magnet Monopole Coexist?ABE, Osamu; TABATA, Osamu
Mar-2007細胞死制御による脳の性差決定木村, 賢一; KIMURA, Ken-ichi
May-2004科学教育と自然体験活動 -パッケージドプログラムを活用した自然体験学習のすすめ-能條, 歩; NOJO, Ayumu
Dec-1984Casimir Energy in Quantum Gravity in R¹×T³ Space-TimeABE, Osamu
Oct-1989Observability of the size of the universeABE, Osamu
Mar-1990Response function of accelerated monopole detector in R×T³ space-timeABE, Osamu
Oct-1999New basis function approach to the t' Hooft-Bergknoff-Eller equationsABE, Osamu
Jun-1985Chiral Symmetry Breaking in Quantum Gravity in Flat Background SpacetimeABE, Osamu

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